It's Finished!!!

From Russia with Stuff

Just when you thought it was safe to get back on a plane ...

Absolved from the stresses of modern aviation, disgraced former airline captain John Reilly spends his days packing boxes in a warehouse and his nights in bed with a beautiful young student. But an unexpected encounter with a former airhostess alerts Reilly to the prospect of the imminent re-acquaintance with stress.

When the creepy Oleg Ivanovich calls at his home and offers him a flying job in Moscow, John Reilly knows that trouble has already booked its seat on board.

Packed with humour, loaded with farce, the latest chapter in the life of Captain Reilly is a novel-sized tale of suspense, mystery and danger - with a splash of sex.

If the aviation authorities don't revoke his pilot's licence, mortality will.