This is a new section where I will include the kind of questions I get asked regularly. The first question people ask me - even the ones who know me personally - follows below.

1. Are you Captain Reilly?

No. I'm a writer; I write fiction, which so far just happens to be based on my own experience and knowledge of the airline industry. Captain Reilly is a made up character. I drew inspiration from people I know, mixed it up with the fortunes and plight of others, and stirred it all around with the big spoon of mischief. Then I sprinkled him with some of the fall out dust from my own career.

Very few of the incidents and plot lines are entirely invented; there is truth somewhere in all of the, but he ain't me. (And before anyone asks, I'm not Kelly, either! Behave.)

2. Are there pilots like Rivers Andersson?

Airlines these days recruit from a wide pool of people, sometimes a different pool altogether. I've never met anyone quite as extreme as Rivers, but there are bits of him in plenty of pilots I've flown with. There are environmentalists who fly planes - really - keeping allotments and being almost self-sufficient. They attend rock festivals, camping in the mud for days, and grow dodgy looking beards. They even turn up to work like this, too. There are pilots whose language skills come straight from a surfer-dude movie, and there are pilots who dress like they live out of a suitcase (mostly because they do). But they all have one thing in common: they can fly a plane as well and as safely as the immaculately dress be-capped pilot you may have once seen walking through the airport many years ago.

3. Is it mandatory for a pilot to have an affaire with a member of the cabin crew?

Almost. These days cabin crew are rarely interested in pilots. They prefer to sit in the back galley gossiping or reading celeb magazines than come up front for a flirt and a chat. So, although affaires do occur, it's not as commonplace as it once was. This is a good thing. This is a  good thing. This is a good thing. This is a good thing ...

4. Surely Spanish ATC can't be that bad?


5. Have you had any fatal accidents.

Er ...

6. Why hasn't the third book been released yet?

Now that's a good question. I'm in the middle of a literature degree (to give myself credibilty - and doing very well, thank you very much), I also have a family, a dog and a full time job. In fact, most writers of non-erotic shades of grey have a proper job to pay the bills. But I promise, it's nearly there - just a few more days to perfect the prose before I send it off to she with the red pen.