• Passengers again!

    Passengers are told not to leave personal items behind when disembarking (we don't use simple language like 'get off', though we would love to use something close to

  • Passengers! Bloody Hell!

    So, a passenger boards the aircraft (there's the clue straight away - boards) and the cabin crew greet him quite pleasantly:

    "Good morning, Sir, may I see your boarding card,

  • Cretinous Daily Mail Columnist!

    I read today an written attack on an airline company which I have no desire to defend. But I'm going to, anyway!

    Martin Samuels,

  • Head on the Water

    So, there we were, flying along through France when the senior cabin crew member noticed that her glass of water had a head on it. Now, it wasn't a full blown

  • You want to what with me?

    So, there I was, on a stopover - a nightstop - with a great bunch of people (ok, fit cabin crew) including a young French crew member who was making it clear how good she was in bed. Not solely