This is it, everyone! The cover for the sequel. Let me know what you think before it's too late. I've just coTLoCR2mpleted the final read through, and I should be publishing within the next couple of days. My editor has done a brilliant job routing out the typos and dodgy errors, and I think the new book is a great leap forward over the first one.

TLoCR 2 is more of a novel than Part 1. It looks at the social impact of modern aviation on the low cost pilot and explores the damage that can be so effortlessly caused by grim acccountants.But don't worry! It's still bloody funny, and I have to warn, rather bawdy in places, too!The Life of Captain Reilly Part 2 - Descent will be available exclusively on Amazon for Kindle. I'll post a link as soon as it is available.