It's finished! Well, I say finished, what I actually mean is I've got to the end of the story. Typed the last word this morning on the way back from Spain.

That reminds me, I must interject with a little Spanish ATC story: took off from airport xxx this morning and at about 1000 feet on departure I hear on the radio the Tower Controller clearing me for take off- 30 seconds after already doing so! 'Just passing 1000 feet, love,' I wanted to say, but refrained. There were no company aircraft behind for her to get confused with, so I guess she was just going through the motions and forgtot to move my 'strip' from her desk. I wonder just how well they would cope if something unusual happened, or worst still a proper emergency. Frightening.

Anyway, back to Captain Reilly. It's all done, just waiting in the customary cooling off period whilst I try and forget what I've written before reviewing the book with a fresh mind. That will be about 5 weeks, then it's red pen time, before polishing and shipping out to my eagle eyed and critical editor. And then, dear readers it's all yours!

There'll be more news nearer publication time, in the meantime, I didn't see it coming, and I wrote it!