Last week I bathed in pride. Pride as a pilot, pride as a Brit. My non-British wife and I lay on a hillside enjoying the aerial escapades of the greatest aerobatic display pilots in the world. A team watched, praised and admired across the globe;  a team among humans which has come closer than any to giving the birds a run for their money.

I described to my wife each manoeuvre, each roll, each turn, each dazzling flash of peerless brilliance. When two Arrows rose vertical, line astern, I knew what was coming. My wife followed the direction of my hand and watched enthralled as the two small jets, trailed by brilliant white smoke, painted a perfect heart in the sky. A third darting Hawk aircraft shot an arrow through the centre of this aerial symbol to the nation. The first sentiment of my wife was that she couldn't even draw a heart shape that accurately. Her second, turning towards me, was 'I love you.'

Thanks boys; thanks Flt Lt Jon Eggin.