So, easyJet have annpounced (admittedly a few months ago, but I've been busy!) that they are planning to paint several planes in some kind of 'nano' paint in order to reduce fuel costs. Apparently it stops dirt clinging to the side of their jets - though does little for the scum they carry inside.

Now, I have visions of nanobots - those imaginary little robots which reconstructed Red dwarf - crawling all over easyjet planes wiping the dirt of the skin and making it all slippy. But I can't stop thinking that cleaning the damn plane would be far easier and considerably cheaper!

Have you seen easyJet's planes? With the exception of the new ones, most of their planes are filthy. How much does it cost to clean a plane? How much does it cost to paint it with special US military nano paint? Thought so. Easyjet, wash your planes and stop conjuring up environmentally relevant browny points with imaginary robot paint!